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Imagine your child is watching their favorite YouTube channel and all of a sudden their favorite characters started talking to them from the screen. From afar you can hear laughter, your child responding and being responded to. Maybe you can start preparing dinner or even take a business call from the adjacent room. This is the type of experience I hope to bring to you in The Bubble. 

While I personally understand the value of in-person interactions for small children I also see a value in providing another type of experience- one that allows healthy, positive, and engaging social interactions anywhere. The years I spent in education coupled with experiences I've had as a parent of young children give me a unique perspective into the individual needs of both parents and children. 

The idea of creating an interactive virtual playroom for children came to me during the COVID-19 pandemic. As I tried to balance the health and safety of my own family, while still trying to maintain social opportunities for my young children, I realized there as a unique way in which I could accomplish both. And then, The Bubble was born.


What We Offer

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For Families

The bubble is a place for your child to have an interactive hosted playdate by a highly qualified instructor. Each bubble is unique and offers something different. Bubbles come in different sizes.

For Hosts

Partner with us and enjoy the flexibility of working from your own desired location. Appreciate the benefits of creating your own schedule and doing the job you love most. Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a host.


Bubble Sessions

You pick what works for you

Pick a friend to attend with or go solo. Your child will be engaging with a highly qualified educator who has passed an extensive background check.


Small Group Session


Individual Session


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